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ilustracija Triton


White, dry

The idea of Triton is to make a pleasurable wine with a somewhat more diverse aroma profile. An attractive wine, yet more firm, by no means light. The blend of varieties is always different. It is based on Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc (70%). The rest consists of either Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc, depending on the vintage. Chardonnay provides the structure, Sauvignon Blanc its freshness, fragrance and grassy notes, Pinot Gris adds spice and elegance, while Pinot Blanc soothes it.
A diverse, multilayered aroma offers an experience of oriental cuisine, with grass and asparagus notes. It feels rather firm, oily and full in the mouth.
Ageing: 18 months, 10 of which in used and new wooden barrels.
Food: Pasta with Mediterranean, spicy or oriental sauce, also white meat.
0,75 l, 1,50 l (magnum)
carton case 6 × 0,75
wooden gift case 1 × 0,75 l
wooden gift case 3 × 0,75 l
wooden gift case 3 × 1,50 l