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ilustracija Duet


Red, dry

Our standards of red wine start here. Duet is a wine, which offers something to drink and the pleasure at the same time. Although it is not too demanding, it is serious enough. It holds fruitiness as well as spiciness.
It is reminiscent of blackberries, red cherries and a little of pepper. A wine of medium body and a more complex character of robust reds from the Goriška Brda region holding a soft texture and nice length, it has an ageing potential of up to five years.
Ageing: 24 to 30 months; matured in oak barrels of which a third are new.
Food: Suitable for all occasions, it can be offered with appetizers and with most main courses.
0,75 l, 1,50 l (magnum)
carton case 6 × 0,75
wooden gift case 1 × 0,75 l
wooden gift case 3 × 0,75 l
wooden gift case 3 × 1,50 l