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ilustracija Bosa rosa

Bosa rosa

Red, sweet

The varieties used are the same as in Duet. The grape harvest is carried out similarly as with Edi’s selection, only with a month or two shorter drying period. There are two to three weeks of maceration. Bosa rosa preserves its ruby colour and many primary aromas. Its alcohol level is 12–14% abv. A rather unusual wine style. Production: three to four times a decade.
It has deeper garnet colour. The nose reminds us of black currant, caramel, oak ageing. What makes it balanced and easy to drink is an abundance of sugar, tannins and acids.
Ageing: Three years in new barrique barrels.
Food: Chocolate sweets, soufflés. It also goes very well with cherry pie, in combination with fruit that is not sour or bitter.
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